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Bright and Shining Cleaning Services are highly skilled and efficient in all areas of commercial cleaning.

We will work with you to understand your specific business needs and provide you with a first class tailored cleaning programme. We have a wealth of experience and sector knowledge that can be applied to any building or business, providing you with the confidence that your business cleaning will be completed to the highest possible standards.

We currently offer commercial cleaning services to the following sectors.

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Office cleaning

At Bright and Shining we understand the importance of a clean, safe and hygienic office environment. An office that is not clean and tidy can affect the productivity and moral of your employees and provide your visiting clients with a negative impression of your business.

Let us help. We will ensure that your office space and associated areas are sparkling and clean, providing your employees with a clean and welcoming working environment and leaving you to focus on your business.

Retail space cleaning

Our retail cleaning staff are trained to the highest possible standards. We recognise that your retail space or showroom needs to be immaculate in order to showcase your products at their best and to provide a welcoming environment for your prospective customers. We will take the time to get to know you and your cleaning needs and create an individually tailored cleaning plan for your business.

Cleaning for educational institutions

The importance of creating a safe, clean and hygienic environment is essential to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your establishment, and will also contribute to students’ pride in their learning, enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve more. We will discuss with you how best to achieve this, tailoring a cleaning programme to meet your needs whilst causing the minimum disruption to your staff and students.

Hospitality sector cleaning

We understand that managing a venue such as a bar, restaurant or club is a 24-hour job and, with extremely high daily footfall, keeping it clean and presentable can be a challenge. Let us take on that challenge for you. We will ensure that your venue will always be clean and comfortable for your customers, helping you to achieve excellent customer satisfaction leading to repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Healthcare institute cleaning

We recognise that in the healthcare sector, cleanliness is key. It’s not only essential to prevent infection, but also ensures the trust and confidence of your patients and staff. We will guarantee that your consultation, waiting and showrooms are cleaned to the highest possible standard using the correct cleaning procedures and products, creating a safe and welcoming environment for your customers.

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