We enhance people’s life style, save them money and give them time back to do the things they love and enjoy. Below are the services that we provide:

Deep cleans: Whether you would like to get your house to a level of cleanness that you can keep up to or prepare your house for an event, restore your house to a clean state after an even, you can count on us to assist you effectively and efficiently to get into the areas of the house that have not been touched for a while and those tough ones as well.

General cleans: we pride ourselves in providing a high standard, consistent and affordable general clean to people’s places of living. Simply give us a call and you will enjoy an immaculate clean house.

Builders Cleans: we help shift dust and other particles from places and the air after any renovation or alteration work is done in a property. For your new place to be ready for use, simply get in touch with us.

End of tenancy cleans: We ensure your property is restored to its real value, allowing you to either restore it in right areas or getting it ready for use. We will literally wash the house. This is one of our services that takes into account every aspect of the house except wall; it cannot get more thorough, please get in touch and experience a first class clean.

Special cleans: Carpet cleaning, plus we have add-ons like: ironing, bed setting, and shopping sorting.