We aim to add value to your business; will ensure our services lines up with your goals to ensure to success in business.

Offices clean: office are places where many spend the most of their time; we make that time enjoyable, encouraging and safe. We believe that your staff deserve the cleanness area to be productive.

Bars/restaurant/clubs: No matter the level of the traffic in your business, we provide a top class clean to leisure facilities that will contribute to your client retention but also guarantee your great reputation, as well as increasing attendance with an appealing wow factor.

Public areas clean: we ensure that your multiple occupancy tenanted property or building is well looked after and that your tenants feel special.

Canteens clean: for many facilities and mostly for factories, canteens are area where everyone gathers for break, for a meal or a quiet rest. We will ensure this is an enjoyable experience for every user and a place they look forward to using with our committed service.

Toilets cleans: In all facilities, toilets are the most used area with high traffic. We will ensure this is never noticed as our cleaners will keep toilet facilities as fresh, clean and read at all time.

Stairs and corridors clean: we ensure your building stairs and corridors reflects the image of the space that is available for customers use; rest assured, freshness and pleasantness in addition to cleanness will be guaranteed.

Lift cleans: The lift shaft cleaning in your building is an area of maintenance that is important to your building. We have a lift engineer who will ensure that the lift company that deals with your lift can cover that area and provide you with a complete service.

Kitchens clean: grease and grime are the problems faced by business with average busy traffic kitchens. We will tackle this area of work perfectly and leave you kitchen surfaces streak free. We will also help in restoring equipment to their clean level, i.e. cookers, fridges, freezers, etc.